Employment Physicals

Employment Physicals

Pre Employment Physicals
  • Pre-employment physicals are becoming an important component of the hiring process for many businesses. Pre-employment physicals help employers decrease absenteeism, reduce costs and lower the time spent retraining new employees. Physicals can also assist with the proper placement of new hires. MedStat's pre-employment physicals will assess medical conditions that may affect the employees' ability to safely perform the necessary job requirements. The exam determines if employees can perform the essential functions of the job with or without job modifications.

Executive Physicals
  • Our unique program is centralized under one roof. Executives will conveniently have access to healthcare professionals that will guide them through the process and thoroughly explain the procedures and results. In addition to the tests performed at MedStat Urgent Care & Occupational Health, exercise physiologists at the KCH Health & Wellness Center will conduct fitness exams. Improve your employees' health today and encourage them to schedule their executive physical.

DOT Physical
  • Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations require the majority of drivers to be medically cleared by a Certified Medical Examiner. The physical examination for compliance with DOT guidelines is one of the most frequently performed physicals at MedStat Urgent Care & Occupational Health. The physical is intended to find physical or mental health issues that affect the patient's ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. MedStat's providers are Certified Medical Examiners and part of the FMCSA national registry. For a DOT Physical form, click here.

Respirator Physicals
  • Protection from inhaling harmful substances can be accomplished by wearing a respirator. MedStat can provide respirator physicals and fit tests that are designed to help you meet OSHA regulations for workers who must wear respiratory protection. Physicals and fit tests are offered at MedStat or can be scheduled on-site for your convenience. Employees should be trained in the proper use of respirators, including proper techniques for donning the mask, removal of the mask, any limitations on use and regular maintenance requirements to verify that all respirator parts are functioning properly. OSHA External Website Link requires that respirator FIT testing be conducted on an annual basis. For a Respirator Physical form, click here.

Flight Physicals
  • MedStat Urgent Care & Occupational Health will provide reliable, responsible medical care to all aviation related professions. Our goal is to make sure that the pilot is healthy and physically able to safely pilot an aircraft per FAA External Website Link regulations. We also want to assure the public that the individual flying the airplane is certified to be there. 1st, 2nd and 3rd class physicals are available. For a Flight Physical form, click here External Website Link.