Drug and Alcohol Testing

MedStat has the comprehensive services to help manage your company drug and alcohol programs. Medical Review Officers (MRO's) are available to review drug screens to make the determination of whether the test result is positive or negative.

MedStat can provide a random selection of your personnel for drug and alcohol testing. The random selection can be done for both DOT and Non-DOT personnel and can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your company's testing programs.

Consortium – A consortium would be beneficial to those smaller companies and would allow regulated employees to be pooled with other regulated employees from other companies in order to have a large enough base to select individuals equitably. This would comply with the DOT standards.

The following drug testing options are available for your employees:

  • 5-Panel Rapid Drug Screen
  • 5-Panel DOT Drug Screen
  • 5-Panel Non-DOT Drug Screen
  • 10-Panel Rapid Drug Screen
  • 10-Panel Drug Screen
  • 10-Panel Drug Screen with Urine Alcohol
  • Hair Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • K2
  • Bath Salts
  • Collection Only Services

MedStat also provides Reasonable Suspicion Training upon request.

Reasonable suspicion training is a classroom style training designed to teach supervisors behaviors they may observe from employees as it relates to drug and alcohol abuse. Each supervisor will receive a book and certificate of completion. This training meets Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements and is paired with site specific instruction.


Drug Screen Results Portal

MedStat has partnered with eScreen to provide a quick and simple way to obtain your drug screen results. Our secure online portal features an easy-to-use interface and email notifications to alert you when you have a new result to view. To set up your access, please contact Anne Cuahuizo at 574-372-3895.
To access your account, please visit: http://www.myescreen.com

For more information about these and other services, call (574) 372-3895. (574) 372-3895.